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Developing a Growing Business: Success with a Plan

Developing a business plan is one of the most important and crucial tasks business owners need to do. The majority of businesses probably develop business plans initially and then again over the years, and those that do not usually suffer the consequences, such as business failure, bankruptcy, poor sales, lack of growth, etc. Although the process of developing a business plan is not exceptionally hard, it does require a working knowledge of business concepts and a willingness to exert some effort during extensive investigations, research, and analysis. Having a specific format to follow can help ensure that all the pertinent parts are included and that it is a helpful document.

Developing a Business Plan: Motivations

There are many motivations involved in developing a business plan. Because it is such a researched, well-documented report, it includes specific details and data that are precise, relevant, and accurate. Business owners have six primary reasons for developing a business plan. The first, most basic reason to draft a plan is to provide an outline and detailed discussion for the vision of the company. The business plan will describe the goals of the company, the direction in which it is proceeding, what it envisions in terms of growth and expansion, etc. A second motivation for writing a business plan is as a communication tool. Although the plan may seem extensive and complex to its writers, it can actually be a very concise statement of the business’ function, development, and results to outsiders who have an interest in the business. By reading the plan, people who have no prior knowledge of the company can understand the way it functions and the goals on which it is based.

A third function of the business plan is to obtain capital and investments. Potential investors can make sound financial decisions concerning their involvement with a company by analyzing the business plan, examining its goals and strategies, and evaluating the reported results. A detailed plan could be the first step in obtaining new investments that can provide for future growth.

Developing a business plan also plays an important role in planning and measuring and improving performance. Because the plan shows how the company has grown, it is easy to plan the future and measure performance with the data collected. The plan can be an accurate basis for decision-making because it analyzes past decisions and their effectiveness. The successes reported in the plan or the areas marked for change can motivate employees and give them a direction to follow with a specific goal in mind.

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