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Marketing Insight: Writing the Necessary Plan

When beginning in marketing plan writing, it is essential that whoever is writing the plan have a good background knowledge of what a marketing plan should include. Although it is easier to write a marketing plan if a person has education or experience in business or marketing, there are many resources available to help even the most inexperienced people write a successful marketing plan. Fact Expert is one of those resources. We have done the research and are ready to provide people writing a marketing plan with the essential elements that need to be included and advice about how to begin the process.

Marketing Plan Writing: The Basics

Marketing plan writing may seem unnecessary or frustratingly difficult, but the reality is that it is neither. Marketing plan writing is crucial to the success of any business because it shows that the business is focused on the future and committed to careful, constructive planning, as well as prepared to deal with potential problems or unforeseen circumstances. Marketing plans are not something that is only required of new businesses or something that is only done once. The most successful businesses know that marketing plan writing is an annual process based on research, investigation, analysis, evaluation, and planning.

One of the first steps in writing a marketing plan is completing all the preliminary research. It is a document that has more than simple one purpose. A marketing plan is written both for people inside the company and for those outside the company, but since these two groups of people have different backgrounds, interests, and concerns relating to the company, the marketing plan must address many different issues. A good marketing plan will be based on careful research of the company, the market in which it is positioned, its history of successes and failures, etc. It will be well-written and incredibly detailed so that anyone reading the plan, whether that person has a knowledge of the inner workings of the company or not, can understand and relate to what is being presented. Marketing plans can be part of an overall annual business plan, an instrument used to evaluate past marketing strategies, or a document that helps prepare for a new marketing scheme.

Although each marketing plan will be different because the needs, goals, and products of each company are different, there are some essential elements that should be included in each and every marketing plan. Essentially, there are six main componenets involved in a marketing plan, and each one has additional subheadings and details: purpose and mission, situational analysis, strategies and objectives, marketing programs, budgeting/perfomance analysis/and implementation, and any other pertinent considerations. For more information about marketing plan writing, the Internet is a great resource. It is easy to find marketing plan models and samples, as well as detailed, guided instruction.

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