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Business Beginnings and the Plans for Startup

Business startup plans are essential for at least two reasons. First, they help the business owner organize and visualize the plans and process, and second, they help outsiders understand the function and goals of the business to help encourage support and investment. Business startup plans basically compile all the information in one place so that it is easy to see, understand, and put into a proper context. However, the important thing is to be sure to include all the necessary components in a business plan so that it does not appear incomplete, half-done, or poorly written. Business startup plans can help business owners avoid meeting with negative surprises during a business’ first years if the plan is written properly.

Business Startup Plans: The Elements

One of the first things that business startup plans must address is who holds the top position in the business—who makes the final decisions. This specification is crucial because there must be an established ruling hierarchy within the company to prevent chaos and promote efficiency. After the chain of command has been clearly designated, it is necessary to clearly state exactly what kinds of services or products the business will provide. Because the services or products influence numerous other aspects relating to the business and its performance, it must be extremely clear what the business’ purpose will be. Although the business can expand and modify its purpose as it grows and develops, it must take care not to over-expand and become too diverse to handle efficiently.

Business startup plans must include financial background, as well. Because all new businesses need startup capital, the plan must delineate what sources of funding the business will have, what investors are contributing capital, how these loans will accumulate interest and be repaid, what expenses the business will have, how much profit is needed to allow the business to continue from year to year, etc. This is one aspect that is very important in business startup plans because all new businesses need investors to believe in the business’ success, and this component of the plan can convince potential investors that the business is a safe, worthwhile investment or a poor investment.

Business startup plans also need to describe the market. Can the market support the business’ products or services? Is the market receptive to a new addition? How will the business capitalize on the demands on the particular, available market? Does the business have a plan for growth and modification in connection with market changes?

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